SA100 Tax Return Form for Individual tax payers

SA100 Self Assessment Tax Returns Forms, or if you file online, a Notice to file a tax return are issued to individual tax payers and are normally sent out by HMRC during April of each year. If you have not received the SA100 tax return form or a notice to submit the returns but think you should complete one, you need to contact your Tax Office to obtain tax returns forms or register to submit your self assessment online.

If you are an employee claiming expenses and benefits in kind, self-employed, a company director, Lloyd's underwriter, Minister of Religion, partner in a business, trustee, an employee or a pensioner paying higher rate of tax or with more complex tax affairs, you are required to complete HMRC (Inland Revenue) Self Assessment SA100 Tax Returns Form, calculate taxes due and file the returns on time. There are different supplementary tax returns forms that a tax payer must submit depending on circumstances and the type of income. The form and supplementary pages you may need to complete will depend on your circumstances. You may also be required to include other supplementary pages with your tax returns, the software includes all supplementary forms as listed on the features page.

Individual tax payers who are required to complete a tax returns form can refer to the SA150 guide 'How to fill in your Tax Return' for guidance on how to complete the tax returns form.

Andica Self Assessment Tax Returns Software for Individual tax payers provides features for completion of SA100 tax return form along with all other supplementary forms listed below.

The Self Assessment software also provides a feature to submit your returns online using the built-in file by internet feature.