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HMRC confirms submission problems with online data validation.

Date: 02 July 2008

HM Revenue & Customs have released a statement confirming that there are scenarios where an Individual's Self Assessment Tax return cannot be filed online due to issues with the HMRC online filing system. HMRC places these on what is referred to as the Exclusions List.

In a statement, HM Revenue & Customs have confirmed that they are committed to helping customers file tax returns online and consequently will review the scenarios that appear on the Exclusions List introducing 'workarounds' wherever possible. Once a 'workaround' has been introduced HMRC would usually remove the scenario from the Exclusions List and place it with details of the workaround on the Specials List. Wherever possible, if these workarounds are issued in time for us to accommodate them within the software developer schedule and if necessary we will make necessary coding changes to include these workarounds in our self assessment software or provide a method for entering data to work around the issues with HMRC online filing system.

The April 2008 release for Self Assessment was unprecedented with large and complex changes to the self assessment forms and the underlying HMRC online filing system. HMRC acknowledge that "coding changes, to include workarounds, cannot always be accommodated by Software Developers, not least because of the need for testing".

In recognition of the fact that we, as software developers, have to change the coding and thoroughly test the amendments, HMRC will not add further scenarios to the Specials List for the 2007-08 return. And all the additions that were placed on the Specials List after 5 April 2008 will be moved to the Exclusions List. For completeness HMRC will still show the workarounds for those customers who are prepared to apply the manual workaround and for Software Developers who may be able to code in some further workarounds later in the year.

The Exclusions List and the Specials List are primarily intended to allow us to include the workarounds into our software. However, these lists may also be of interest to our customers who may be able to use a workaround manually where it has not been automated within our self assessment tax returns software. Customers are advised to review the FAQ section of the website for latest information on known issues.

Edited 20/11/2008: Latest Exclusion list added.

Penalties and Reasonable Excuse.

HMRC has said that tax returns filed on paper after 31 October will normally trigger a penalty (a maximum of £100 for individuals). HMRC added that they will accept an appeal and remove the penalty for the late submission of a return where a reasonable excuse exists.

Where customers advise the HMRC that one or more of the reasons shown on the Exclusions List prevented them from filing their SA return online they will accept an appeal against a penalty for the late submission of a paper return on the basis that they had a reasonable excuse. Customers will need to submit a written ‘claim for reasonable excuse’ form.

Tax return reports printed from Andica Software are for customer records only and should not be sent to HMRC.

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