Trust and Estate Tax Returns Software

Tax Return Forms

Andica SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Returns software supports the HM Customs & Excise HMRC (formerly Inland Revenue) SA900 tax return form and other supplementary forms you might need dependent on the types of income the Trust or Estate may have. In all, Andica SA900 Trust and Estate software supports the following forms:

  • SA900 Trust and Estate Tax Return pages
  • SA901 Trust and Estate Trade
  • SA901L Trust and Estate Lloyd's Underwriters
  • SA902 Trust and Estate Partnership
  • SA903 Trust and Estate UK Property
  • SA904 Trust and Estate Foreign
  • SA905 Trust and Estate Capital Gains
  • SA906 Trust and Estate Non-Residence
  • SA907 Trust and Estate Charities
  • SA923 Estate Pension Charges Etc.

Types of Trust and Estates

The software supports tax returns for the all types of trusts and estates, including:

  • Deceased persons estates
  • Bare trusts
  • Interest in possession trusts
  • Discretionary trust
  • Accumulation trusts
  • Mixed trusts
  • Settlor-interested trusts
  • Parental trusts for minors
  • Non-resident trusts
  • Trusts for vulnerable beneficiaries
  • Charitable trusts
  • Heritage trust
  • Employment related trusts
  • Investment trusts and unit trusts
  • Other business-related trusts

Online submission

You can complete and submit the tax returns electronically to the HM Customs & Excise HMRC via the Government Gateway using a File By Internet feature built within Andica SA900 Trust and Estate software. Submission is processed securely directly through to the HMRC systems, your data does not go through our servers. You will need a prior registration with the HMRC who will provide you with a Gateway User ID and Gateway Password.

Tax Return reports

The software provides facilities to preview and print SA900 Returns and all supplementary forms that you have selected. These reports can be printed for your records and are not for submission to HMRC.

Tax Calculation reports

SA951 Trust and Estate Tax Calculation report is produced by the software.