Andica MTD VAT Software

Excel Spreadsheet Bridging Software

Andica MTD VAT Software is an Excel spreadsheet bridging software that enables Businesses, Book-keepers, Accountants and other organisations to link their Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing VAT transactions into the software and extract VAT 9-Box values to submit periodic VAT returns digitally to HMRC's MTD VAT system.

Making Tax Digital for VAT legislation requires VAT registered businesses with turnover above the VAT threshold to keep records in digital form and file their VAT Returns using MTD functional compatible software.

While Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTD VAT) is a digital record keeping and VAT Returns filing requirements for VAT registered businesses, HMRC recognise that many Businesses and Accountants use Microsoft Excel to process VAT transactions. Andica MTD VAT Software provides facility to extract VAT 9 Box values and submit to HMRC. Software interacts with various HMRC's MTD VAT APIs (facilities) as described in the Features page.

Submission of VAT return can be accomplished in simple routines within the software.

Andica MTD VAT software does not enforce any specific format in which a customer should record transactions within an Excel spreadsheet. As long as the spreadsheet contains all the necessary transactions for a VAT period and there is a single 'Sheet' where the VAT 9 box values for a VAT period have been summarised, this will be sufficient for the software to extract that information. Customers can then use the mapping feature to integrate and extract VAT values into the software.

The transfer of data between Excel spreadsheet into the bridging software must be carried out digitally. According to HMRC, transferring data manually within or between different software is not acceptable. In short, you cannot manually type in the values within the VAT boxes of the bridging software.

Annual Licence: The software is supplied on an annual licence basis. Annual licence is granted for use of software for a year effective from the date of purchase. Licence is granted for use of a specific version of the software and a new licence should be purchased for each version. In case of version upgrade, annual licence of the new version will supersede the earlier version. Software licence expires at the end of the term and the software with all its functions will be deactivated unless the licence has been renewed.

You can only use one copy of the Software on a single computer and /or disk drive. A license must be purchased for each computer or hardware, including disk drives on which software is installed. For a network version of the software, use the software on a network provided that you have a licensed copy of the software for each computer that can access the software over that network. Software licenses are also restricted by the number of records that can be created and processed.

Tax advisers (Agents), Accountants, Solicitors and other Professionals

A Tax adviser (agent), Accountants, Solicitors and other Professionals who are preparing MTD VAT Excel Spreadsheet Bridging Software for their clients. The software is available for multiple Excel Spreadsheet Bridging Software bands (of 1, 5, 25, 100, and Unlimited Business) and for larger practices requiring multiple users to access and share the data on the network, multi-user licenses are available.