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CT600 Customers Upgrading - Version Upgrade

Customers purchasing a new version of CT600 and installing the software on the computer where the previous version has been installed, the new version will be installed on top of the previous version. The software, software licence and data files will be upgraded to the new version purchased. The CT600 software retains Companies and Accounting Period records from previous version and will allow you to create new Accounting Period(s) for existing companies and/or create new Company records with its accounting period (subject to licence) up to the maximum number of Companies purchased on the new licence. The software will allow you to submit returns up to a maximum of licence purchased for that version.

The new version in effect allows you to process returns for accounting period up to 31 March of the licence you have purchased. Example, Customers upgrading from version 2015 to version 2016, the new version allows you to process returns for accounting period up to 31 March 2016 (as licensed in version 2015) and accounting periods up to 31 March 2017 (as licensed in version 2016).

Just to clear any doubt, the licence for new version will replace the previous version's licence.

Customers should purchase a new version licence for equal or higher number of companies than their previous version licence.

Recommendations for customers with older versions: It is not recommended to skip any interim versions. Skipping an interim version may cause issues with data upgrade and no support can be provided for that. It is recommended that you purchase the next version up first and process your returns for AP falling within that version and gradually move up the next version. For example, Customer with version 2014 (AP up to 31 March 2015) should first purchase and upgrade to version 2015 and process returns for AP up to 31 March 2016 and thereafter purchase and upgrade to version 2016 (AP up to 31 March 2017)

Customers should Contact us by email with queries if there is any doubt.

The software is supplied on an annual licence basis. Annual licence is granted for use of software for a year effective from the date of purchase. Licence is granted for use of a specific version of the software and a new licence should be purchased for each version. In case of version upgrade, annual licence of the new version will supersede the earlier version. Software licence expires at the end of the term and the software with all its functions will be deactivated unless the licence has been renewed.

Important: Software is supplied subject to (a) our Terms and Conditions published on our webshop which are displayed at the time of purchase and (b) Software Licence Agreement which is displayed at the time of installation.