File By Internet

Andica Payroll now includes an enhanced File by Internet feature for retrieving and uploading messages from the Government Gateway (HMRC).

Andica Payroll Software provides a File By Internet feature to enable you to securely submit returns electronically to HMRC via the Government Gateway. You will need a prior registration with the HMRC who will provide you with a User ID and Pin Code.

Andica Payroll submit process will check if your computer is already connected to the internet via Broadband or standard dial-up connection. If you are not connected, an Internet Dial-up dialogue will appear, follow your usual connection procedures. Once connected to the internet, the submission process will commence. You will be able to see the progress of the submission and the status.

File By Internet Mail Box

Andica Payroll currently handles the following forms:

  • P6/P6B Notice
  • P9 Notice
  • Students Loan - Start and End notice
  • Postgraduate Loan - Start and End notice
  • Annual Reminders
  • Notifications
  • End of year - P35 and P14 submission.

Check Mail

'Check Mail' feature can be used to check if there are any messages waiting to be retrieved from the Government Gateway.

Retrieve Mail

'Retrieve' feature can be used to retrieve all messages from the Government Gateway.