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Frequently Asked Questions - Andica Self Assessment SA100

This FAQ section contains information specific to the product. For messages provided by Microsoft Installer during installation of Andica software and other technical messages that may appear while using the software refer to Technical Advice FAQs.

Tax returns can be submitted online using the built-in File By Internet feature of the software. Data is stored on your computer and will be submitted securely to the HMRC systems when you run the File By Internet routine requiring you to use your Gateway ID and Password.

Customers using an earlier edition of SA100 version 2017 software and older versions will need to update the software to avoid submission being rejected by HMRC due a move to Digital Transaction Engine. HMRC server are displaying incorrect messages of Gateway Authentication Failure, Correlation ID is missing, Cannot import a null node.
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There are some issues with the HMRC systems due to which an Individual's Self Assessment Tax return may need a workaround to file the returns online. We have handled most of these within the software. Read full article...

Where you have a loss in the 'Gains' or Loss' field, subsequent fields for Capital Gains election and relief are disabled, this screen includes the 'estimates or valuations' field.
A workaround for this is to 'Edit' the entry so that (temporarily) you create a gain in 'Gain or loss' field, this will enable you to place a tick in the '...estimates or valuations...' field, click 'Finish' to save the wizard. Click 'Next' to the end to see if box 34 has a tick and click Finish at the end. Go back to 'Edit' the property details, now you can correct the value to show the correct amount in 'Gain or loss' field. Tick in the 'estimate' field and box 34 will be retained.

Andica Self Assessment software (SA100) is for preparing, calculating and filing an Individual tax payer's returns. To complete and file Partnership business tax returns you should purchase Andica SA800 Partnership software.

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Andica Self Assessment Software supports SA100 and all its supplementary forms as listed on the Features list.

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