CT600D Insurance

CT600D Tax Return Form for Insurance

CT600D Insurance section must be completed by the insurance company, including a friendly society, has either entered into policies or contracts in the accounting period which it has treated as relating to overseas life assurance business (OLAB) in the accounting period, or has made claims under Sch 19AB ICTA 1988, to repayments or notional repayments for return periods ending within the accounting period.

Overseas Life Assurance Business

The company has obtained or completed all the certificates, documents, undertakings and declarations required by regulations 4 to 11 of the Insurance Companies (Overseas Life Assurance Business) (Compliance) Regulations 1995 that relate to the policies and contracts it has entered into in the accounting period which it has treated as being OLAB in this return.

Companies that write policies and contracts which fall to be treated as OLAB must, in most cases, complete certain certificates and obtain declarations and other documents from policy holders or cedant companies. The business should only be treated as OLAB (which gives certain tax advantages) in the return and accompanying explanations and calculations if the various documents have been created or obtained within the time limits laid down in the regulations. If the company is unable to certify this by placing an ‘X’ in the box above, the return must be made on the basis that the relevant business is not OLAB.

HMRC have provided following Company tax return guide to form CT600 (2022) Version 3 for accounting periods starting on or after 1 April 2015 to assist Companies complete the Corporation tax returns. Further information can also be found on GOV.UK website.