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Andica customer comments

We at Andica aim to deliver high quality of products and service. Here is a selection of unsolicited testimonials received from our customers. (Spellings and grammar has been copied as they were on customer emails and letters).

MGP of Wolverhampton

"Many thanks for your help and guidance through this process.

I would be pleased to recommend Andica software and support to anybody.

Once again , many thanks."

PC of Chelmsford, Essex

"Just to let you know that I have used the [CT600 Corporation Tax software] as below to make my submission for the year to Sept 2017.
It appears to have registered successfully - fingers crossed.
The whole process proved to be remarkably smooth and straightforward (I had trepidations before starting having grappled with clumsy software in the past).
So, on my experience to date, I can certainly recommend your product.
I intend to purchase the next release, in due course, to make my filing for 2017/18.

DVO of Emsworth, Portsmouth, Hampshire

As a long time overseas expat I had real issues submitting my tax returns. Several long and unsuccessful phone calls to HMRC did not solve the issue – neither did they inform me that they made a system error in February causing my problems. On calling Andica, I had an understanding person who carefully talked me through the process and alleviated my worries by allowing me to file the return. It is not often that you get this personal help, especially when dealing with IT processes, and I was extremely grateful. Highly recommended.

VJL of Banbury, Oxfordshire

1st email: Thanks you very much – as ever good help from Andica
2nd email: Thank you very, very much. I did what you suggested and the return went through... You may be interested to know that HMRC wanted about a week to sort this out!

MD of Neston, Merseyside

CT 600 programme [sic]
"A word of thanks:
I would just like to thank you for your help on the phone this afternoon. After talking to you everything went well and has now been completed.

If was asked my opinion of Andica I could give it in two words - THE BEST"

NB of Frome, Somerset

"A quick thank you for your CT600 software - worked brilliantly and was a life saver after my company went over the Inland Revenue's limit for their system."

JC of Hailsham, East Sussex

"I am just writing to say thank you.

I have submitted our company CT600 return and I found the whole process using your software simple and straightforward."

AR of Salisbury, Wiltshire

Thanks for your replies... I have spoken to HMRC and they have confirmed submission and provided me with a correlation reference, so all is well

May I say that I find your software very easy to use, great value for money and your swift response reflective of excellent customer service. Thank you very much."

SGK of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

"I am so happy to use Andica products very easy and quick to manage with all build in helps and guidance so I don't need a tax adviser to prepare and submit my CT600 to HMRC."

AMB of Gloucester

"Thank you for your very quick reply. I must admit that I was quite surprised to receive a reply considering the time of day (or night!) [31 January 2018 at 23:05]. I was able to file the second return before the deadline.

I will definitely continue to recommend your software to others especially as I live overseas and have to use commercial software to file my return.

I have used the partnership software for several years and have found it to be easy to use and at a realistic price.

Thank you again"

AJM of Buxton, Derbyshire

"Thank you very much.
Great customer service and I shall definitely continue to use you each year."

AW of North Arm Cove, New South Wales, Australia

"Always a professional service from you"

GM of Sandwich, Kent

"Thank you for your quick response. Much appreciated.
I am still using Vista so that may be an issue.
The fixes. Worked flawlessly and I have submitted both returns successfully.
I was surprised to receive a response at such a late hour [31 Jan 2018 at 00:43] and even better a solution to my problem as well.
Excellent service, may your company go from strength to strength."
[Support subject to Andica Software Support and Terms and Conditions]

K Mcl of Northampton

"Done and thank you, that was very straightforward and a great way to upgrade flexibly.

I have started using your software this year and think it's ideal for my small practice."

BTK of Bournemouth

"…what a brilliant service from you guys- it actually worked first time- BBRRIIIAAANNTTT-tks"

NJA of Swindon, Wiltshire

"Thank you so much for the support and assistance with this "disaster" of mine - have successfully downloaded both packages

Please pass on my message to your managerial colleagues as appreciation of the excellent service provided"

SFHL of London SW20

"Thank you. Your [CT600 Corporation Tax] software worked superbly… Many thanks for your product."

CY of Cirencester, Gloucestershire

"Thank you for your very comprehensive advice... It is good to know that help is so readily available." [Support subject to Andica Software Support and Terms and Conditions]

JEN of Andover, Hampshire

"Thanks for the help on the phone this morning. [Please note our support FAQ]
I have submitted the tax return... and it has been accepted by HMRC, so all is well.
We have tried your [CT600] software for the first time this year, along with some from other suppliers, and we have found your package the most convenient and sensible to use, so will be buying the 25 company pack for next year, and will recommend the pack to our clients."

RSJ of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne And Wear

"Thanks a lot for your quick response. It is very much appreciated
I have been using your CT and partnership software for several years and I am really
impressed with your speedy service when called upon
I would be happy to recommend your software anytime
Thanks again"

ND of Tarporley, Cheshire

"Andica Self Assessment Software
This is a really good product, as far as I can see handles all potential scenarios in terms of taxable income. Easy and intuitive to use, filing with HMC is straightforward and really good that you can get full print outs of everything you submit. Great technical/backup support from Andica and really a cost effective package, particularly if you have more than one return to file.
I strongly recommend this software."

AP of Bristol

Thank you very much for your help... It is good to know that there is an individual at the other end of the phone.
I have been using your CT600 software for 3 years and find it invaluable in dealing with my 16 limited company CT600 tax returns and hope to continue for many years to come.
Your customer service is very much appreciated, especially as it can be very difficult dealing wth [sic] HMRC on such matters.

TB of Kidderminster, Worcestershire

"Thanks. I have successfully been able to ... file using the software.
I greatly appreciate your help!
I'd be more than happy to recommend your software and service to other people!"

RH of Newton Abbot, Devon

"Thank You
many thanks for your help over the years [9+ years]. I have just retired...
I do appreciate the service you have provided and would always recommend you to others."

WG of Insch, Aberdeenshire

"Thank you for all the information on Multiple chargeable events software downloaded this morning and online submission made within the hour. Thank you for an easy to use and helpful piece of software. "

AC of Burnthills, Johnstone, Scotland

"May I say I am again impressed by your service. I chose Andica because I'd used you for an earlier partnership , now retired... Best wishes to you and your colleagues... May the joy and peace of Christmas remain with you through 2018."

APK of Isleworth, Middlesex

"I never know what I am doing, but setting up your software on my computer just happens.
...your method is wonderful. Thank you.
Please try to have Microsoft ask you to produce the same systems for them."

SC of Dartford, Kent

"May I say this piece of software is probably the easiest I have ever used. If I still have a partnership client in the future I will come back to you..."

APK of Isleworth, Middlesex

"...Your system works so well. I would never buy from anyone else..."

CT of Ross On Wye, Herefordshire

"Thanks for this. Have downloaded as per previous years - always so easy and simple - THANK YOU"

KP of Leek, Staffordshire

"Thank you I received the CD for CT600 software yesterday and submitted accounts to HMRC. I found it very easy to use."

SW of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

"just finished the job and submitted the CT600. Great bit of software and many thanks for your help"

CJH of Rotherham, South Yorkshire

"I purchased a copy of Andica CT600 Corporation Tax Software yesterday and used it for the first time today.
I found it very easy to use and was very pleased with the fact that it produced the IXBRL format accounts and tax computations for submission from the accounts that I had prepared.
The submission to HMRC worked first time without any problems. Thanks"

LAM of Harrow, Middlesex

"I purchased your software late Sunday night and was very impressed how easy it was to use. Your free templates to file iXBRL was prefect [sic] for me. Thanks again"

SC of Dartford, Kent

"May I say this piece of Andica SA800 Partnership software is probably the easiest I have ever used"

FR of Rainham, Essex

"Thank you for your reply and great advice enabled me to submit returns successfully. As a Chartered Accountant I have used many softwares including Forbes, BTC and TaxCalc but found your software most user friendly and simplistic. I believe you have done a marvellous job and congratulation for that. I would certainly recommend my friends who have companies and accounting firms to use Andica Software...

In the end I would say your software is amazing and have 5 stars/5."

PG of Southampton:

"I had almost given up the will to live after wasting countless hours on demos and trials of similar software. Andica were really helpful on the phone so I took a chance, purchased their software and held my breath.

I had no need to worry, it's simple and intuitive to use and submitted our CT600 successfully first time. Without doubt the best value money can buy, I recommend it to any small private limited company. I just wish I had found Andica sooner!"

JG of Cupar, Fife:

"Many thanks for your support. I will recommend the program given the opportunity."

GFB of Newport On Tay, Fife:

"Thank you very much for your very detailed response to my query yesterday - excellent customer care!"

MFB of Canterbury, Kent:

"thank you - all sorted before deadline! i feel like sending you flowers!!"

HLW of Haslemere, Surrey:

"Thank you for all of your help... What a relief!!! I cant thank you enough for helping me out and I am so grateful."

MAWC of Barnet, Hertfordshire:

"...As ever, many thanks for your kind help...As always really prompt and helpful service from Andica. Thank you again"

LP of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire:

"...have now completed my first Andica CT600 with absolute ease."

KHA of Edinburgh:

Quite efficient software. Took no time at all to upload the partnership return.

JDN of Nottingham:

"I purchased from you our (2) personal tax, 1 Partnership and 1 Corporate tax programmes. In around 4 hours I completed all of these successfully, submitted them and I have paid the tax due... Thank you and well done."

JS of Dorking, Surrey:

Subject: Why Andica Won & You Guys Lost (A long email sent by a customer to several tax software developers and copied to us, email subject and a few quotes sum up the content)

"...Anyway just to say well done to Andica for making a product more or less as easy to use as Taxcalc and for also setting a price clearly..."

"...I hunted around and it was soon clear to me that only Andica had a product that actually worked properly with non IT experts and yet did not try to fleece customers for the privilege."

"...So in short the rest of you have lost my business forever due to your extortionate and excessive pricing..."

I J of Woking, Surrey:

"Thanks for your help. I have downloaded the software again using the new link. I've been a customer of Andica for the last four years and, through your flexibility, I can assure you I will continue to support your product."

RM of Emsworth, Hampshire:

"...Very prompt and efficient service. Great piece of software!"

ER-L of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal:

"We downloaded the SA100 Self Assessment Personal Software yesterday and filed our 2 Tax Returns. We were extremely pleased with your software and very glad to have made the purchase.
We will contact you after 6th April re downloading the software for our 2016/2017 Self Assessment Tax Returns."

AO of South Petherton, Somerset:

"Very good software package, I completed the online return with no problems..."

AH of Farnham, Surrey:

"Just to mention - the software is a good product; we've used it for some years now."

RARD of East Molesey, Surrey:

"I would like to confirm how pleased I have been through the years with the taxation software that I have purchased from you. I am not a computer buff - in fact, I hate the things ! However, your software together with the helpful aid I get from technical assistance and [staff names removed] is a credit to your company..
There is no way could I be considered your best customer but I would certainly claim to be among your most loyal having used your software (mainly the Partnership return) for many years.

Please continue to provide the service that allows idiots like me to get a job done.

With thanks and kind regards"

ID of Reading, Berkshire:

""As a small means of saying thanks, and eitherway your CT software is much better than the government's effort, gave yourselves a positive TWEET on my personal twitter account...
Thanks again for the excellent support."
"Highly recommend
andica software esp for Ct600 corporation tax - excellent support. #recommend"

AN of Croydon, Surrey:

"I just need to say that your Software is fantastic and does exactly what is needed with the minimum of fuss. I used it for 1 company last year and 2 companies this year and remain very impressed."

RMM, Sheffield, South Yorkshire:

"People generally write only to complain, so I thought I'd write to thank you for the excellence of your product, and for the small improvements you make every year. They are noticed!"

SH-R of Worksop, Nottinghamshire:

"Thank you very much for your very helpful and detailed email ... Your online support with this software has been excellent and I will definitely recommend you if and when I get the chance."

PJB of Harrow, Middlesex:

"Good bit of software you have there!"

IFL of London, N2:

"...your CT600 software does what I require. I will recommend your package to my associates."

RB of Gosport, Hampshire:

"I submitted the first CT600 today and found the software straightforward and quite easy to follow."

MW of Maidstone, Kent:

"Excellent software and it all worked (I hope). Went really smoothly so thank you for this - definitely worth printing off the instruction manual first so I knew which button to press. Will use you again"

JMcC of Stone, Staffordshire:

"Filed our first ct600 today brilliant"

SRMS of Newcastle:

"I went ahead and purchased 12 company Andica CT600 license. Just wanted to let you know I find it very straightforward to use, no trouble at all and the ''family'' resemblance to other Andica software also helped. I find it very, satisfactory for my needs and you deserve to do well with it. A pity it does not do abbreviated accounts, too, but that is just a ten minute job on the Companies House website."

AG of Whitehaven, Cumbria:

"I would like to say how impressed I am with Andica, incredibly easy to use, excellent customer services, no fuss and above all, totally affordable.

Thank you so much for charging such a reasonable price for a great tax software, where other companies are ripping their customers off, you are keeping it real, even additional returns are so incredibly cheap.

What a refreshing change, I will certainly be using this software again next year AND recommending your company to anyone who needs it!

Many thanks, keep up the good work"

SJH-R of Worksop, Nottinghamshire:

"Your online support with this software has been excellent and I will definitely recommend you if and when I get the chance."

SH-R of Worksop, Nottinghamshire:

"Thank you for you [sic] advice - the best advice I have received! It worked and solves the problem for other issues I was having.

Thank you very much!"

KW-G of London, SE1:

"I've just successfully submitted our tax return and want to thank you for an excellent software! I'm not very technology savvy and managed to download it and complete the return without any trouble.
What a joy. Thank you!"

DCNB of Salisbury, Wiltshire:

"Thank you very much for this. The soft ware [sic] has been excellent and I have submitted the tax return."

BAS of Gateshead, Tyne & Wear:

"Dear [Staff name removed]

Thank you very much...

Please accept my gratitude. I am not sure what position you hold in the company but please if you have an appraisal coming up feel free to use this as a testimonial in the process. Andica has just received a new permanent growing accountancy practice as a customer thanks to your excellent customer care."

TT of London N14:

I am using the Andica self assessment software. It is easy to use and a good price. I will recommend to my friends who are also needing to purchase the software as UK non-residents

IC & SPC of West Drayton, London.

"A big thank you

Dear [staff name removed],

Lovely to have spoken with you. I felt like a headless chicken when I found out that I can no longer use HMRC CT600 service as Accountant. I called various providers. More I discussed worse worse [sic] my worry got. I literally ran way [sic] from Sage after spending 2 tedious days demonstration. IRIS sent me a bill of nearly £2,000 because accounting production package was mandatory subscription.

In the end I found you though [source removed] and took a risk of my £100. I must admit that the reward is astonishing with the best risk I have ever taken. I could not be any happier!! I submitted my first CT600 and its [sic] worked.

Going forward, I like to see the system making simultaneous submission to the CH as well. Thanks a million.

EB of Bedford:

" CT600 program - Used it for the first time yesterday & seems to have worked very well

MW of Nuneaton, Warwickshire:

"Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the software that I purchased for CT 600 reporting - it is so simple and easy to use. I will now review what other software you supply for my other needs as a sole practioner [sic] accountancy practice."

FA of London:

We are Chartered Certified Accountants and Registered Auditors and a customer of yours. We purchased CT600 and SA800 software from Andica late last year.

We are extremely satisfied with the products. They were easy to use and extremely user- friendly - very good media to use in submitting Accounts to the HM Revenue and Customs.

We shall highly recommend Andica products to colleagues.

Thank you."

ARC of Johnstone, Renfrewshire:

"Just want to thank you [name removed] and all your colleagues. It's some years now I've been using Andica for my Firm's Tax Return and I've always found your service good and efficient. Especially helpful when I always seem to be in a different part of the world at deadline time! Again, many thanks"

GSH of Llandysul, Ceredigion:

"...I used the software; activated the online HMRC account; ... and submitted the Return, to receive an instant acknowledgment from HMRC.
Thank-you for being there, and for being so contactable, and helpful.
I will order again when the next tax year ends."

DA of Barnsley, Yorkshire:

"...your Partnership 800 Software ... it is brilliant! I can do a return in 5 minutes. So easy to use. So quick. Sometimes you have finished before you realise! Worth every penny!"

AH of Hereford, Herefordshire:

"Many thanks ... I shall certainly look at using your easy system for all tax returns going forward."

KJDM of London:

"I could kiss you! ... Thank you..."

EM of Exeter, Devon:

"Thanks so much for your detailed reply... have just submitted my tax return so I am very relieved!
I just wanted to let you know I found the software really easy to use, and was really happy with your service.
Many thanks again and good luck with the rest of your week leading up to the 31st!"

SMS of Leigh, Lancashire:

"Thank you so much for sorting this out for me. ... As you can imagine I was in a state of panic when my computer gave up the ghost the week before the filing deadline so you have been a lifesaver. Thanks again ... though I may try not to leave it so late next year!!"

EJJ of Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire:

"Thanks to your efficient and easy to use software I have filed all my returns."

AB of Lucay Le Male, Indre, France:

"I would like to say thanks for the swift response to my e-mails. Please feed back to your managers that your customer service is excellent!
Have a good day or, as we say in France "Bonne journee"

KAP of Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire:

"Thank you SO much for your help - invaluable! ... You provide a fantastic service - thank you again!"

RS of Morden, Surrey:

"Thank you ever so much, you have always been a fantastic help and I would definitely use this software year on year and recommend it for the excellent customer care.
Tax DONE!"

GGW of Weston Super Mare, North Somerset:

"Thank you, yet again for your SA800 software. As you know, I am not particularly good with computers, but I am able to complete our return very easily with your system."

JFS of Whitby, North Yorkshire:

"Many thanks... Once again you've helped me efficiently and effectively and I'm grateful, once again for having used your software."

BK FCCA of Bournemouth, Dorset:

"I just thought I would let you know, that the partnership filing went so smoothly- no issues, which often occur on HMRC software thank you?"

JG of Birchington, Kent:

"Now THAT is service ;-). Thanks SO much? I just completed the submission and am so relieved to have it done - thank you SO much for responding so quickly this evening!..."

CH of Yeovil:

"Dear Andica
I have downloaded a partnership tax return and completed it in about an hour ? congratulations on an excellent and easy to use product.
It is the third year I have used your software and rest assured I will be using it again next year."

GK of Leeds:

"Many thanks for your excellent product.
I spent yesterday finalising and submitting my SA800 and your download was the best part of the experience, I would warmly recommend it.
Please don't let this go to your head and lead to you putting your prices up!"

AD of Eastleigh, Hampshire:

"? I have become a fan, very quickly, of Andica software and your service?"

LS of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire:

"I herewith want to express my utmost thanks and appreciation for your helpful input with your Andica CT 600 Software.
I must confirm, after I received the activation key, doing the form was plain sailing all the way through.
Everything was very easy to understand with no problems and hassle.
Submission went through with no problem.
Printing and back up was only another easy step and worked like a dream.
I received confirmation from HMRC that my submission was accepted.
I hereby recommend to companies who must submit corporation CT600 online, to use Andica CT600 software."

IS of Godalming, Surrey:

"Just to say a BIG thank you, first of all for the very supportive phone call this morning followed by a seamless download and activation, and so simple completion of our Partnership return for 2012. All done and dusted in next to no time... thank you and see you again next year"

TB of Buckie, Banffshire:

"Now that everything has calmed down after the January 31st tax deadline, I just wanted to add to my previous comments.
This is the first time I have used commercial Partnership Software for SA800 Partnership Returns The process of purchasing the software, downloading it and receiving the activation code were very straightforward, very efficient, and very well documented.
I am not very 'tech savvy' and was a little nervous about using commercial software for the first time. I was delighted with how easy to use the Andica software is. The help notes are fantastic and very well written. I was able to set up a record for the partnership, complete the return, save the return as a pdf, submit the return, print the return and the submission receipt with great ease.
I am very, very grateful for your products and your service and I would recommend Andica to everybody requiring commercial tax software.
I am reviewing my accountancy practice software needs this year and Andica will definitely be my first stop for all my requirements.
Many, many thanks!"

MJP of Worcester:

"...thank you so much.
I love using Andica and will now be loyal forever!!"

RJ of Borehamwood, Hertfordshire:

"Congratulations for providing speedy and effective support during the busiest period leading up to the self-assessment deadline. Your partnership software is excellent value for money and easy to use. Return filed successfully in time!"

PB of Newton Abbot, Devon:

"I purchased the partnership software from you on Wednesday and SA100 on Thursday ... The SA100 was ordered extremely late but you still got all relevant details to me to enable me to beat the deadline by a massive 16 minutes !!!!!!!! My thanks to all
Great service which I will use again and would recommend most strongly"

GS of Petworth, West Sussex:

"I was very impressed with your company's software for the partnership return. I only have a few partnership clients and this one which was newish sent me their accounts late so it was either sending in a paper return and paying HMRC their rotten fine or using commercial software. I am pleased to say that I found your software very user-friendly and the objectives were achieved in much less time than I thought. Well done!"

DHB of Bristol:

"Just to say that, thanks to Andica SA 100, I have successfully completed tax returns for myself and my wife.
For those like me with relatively small amounts to declare, it has been, thwese past 4 years or so, nevertheless well worth the money to have it all done so neatly..."

DB of Coventry:

"Subject : Thank you Can i just say thank you! The software i downloaded yesterday from another company made everything as clear as mud. So i decided to download your software for partnership returns and the software made it really easy to understand and the help guide is brilliant, Many thanks"

JP of Barcelona, Spain:

"Thanks a lot for your patience and kindness providing advice on a troubled night. I got it finally thanks to you. This is the second year that I use your program (last year were two singles programs instead of 1x5), and for sure will keep so for many years."

VM of Banbury, Oxon:

"I just wanted to say thanks very much ... and to add that the new version is much better and easier to use."

HJW of Binley Woods, Coventry:

"Just to say thank you for providing the software ... but the hoops that the HMRC put you through made it difficult, and thanks to your help, we met the deadline."

GM of Stutterheim, South Africa:

"thanks for a great product!! tax is done and dusted!!"

NB-M of Basingstoke, Hampshire:

Many thanks, was not expecting such a rapid reply ... excellent service!

SKL of Chesterfield, Derbyshire and Dubai:

"Thank you again.
I am going to recommend this software to my expat friends in Dubai."

TR of Ashford, Kent:

"Andica SA800 recommendation
I just wanted to let you know I've completed my first SA800 using your software and what a superb experience it's been so far. I'll email again once I've submitted it tomorrow ( my client needs to sign the declaration first) to see how I can recommend your software and superb customer service to your best advantage.
Many thanks"

PM of Bracknell, Berkshire:

"Thank you for your excellent service"

DM of Burnley, Lancashire:

"Great software. Got the trust return done in no time.
Many thanks for that"

TB of Buckie, Banffshire:

"Thank you very much!
First time I have used Andica & very impressed so far.
I'm not very tech savvy and everything has been easy for me to follow so far, and your response is very quick."

DJIB of Torquay, Devon:

"Many Thanks. Software activated and return submitted and received. Great service ~ again!!!
All the best for 2013"

MRF of Sittingbourne, Kent:

"Thank you very much for your help and fast reply, I'm very impressed with your service and software"

AH of Varnamo, Sweden:

"Thanks again for you help, the submission was easy to complete and simple to navigate the software.
I hope I remember to use the software next year also!"

GAB of Swansea:

"many thanks!
Submission done successfully.Nice programme.Would recommend it to ANYONE!" (sic)

FC of Swansea:

"I am extremely impressed that you replied to my query at 7 pm on a Sunday. This is a level of customer service which exceeds all expectations!"

CH of Yeovil, Somerset:

"Thank you very much for your help yesterday - and your patience!...followed your user guide which I found very clear and helpful - I completed our Partnership Returns in less than an hour. This is the second year we have used your software and I recommend it to anybody who hates tax returns and wants to get it done as quickly (but accurately) as possible.
We will be back in touch next year."

IH of York and Sabah, Malaysia:

"Many thanks for your quick reply which pointed me in the right direction...
It's always a pleasure to use Andica software for my tax return. This is the fourth year now that I've used your software. It's very intuitive to use and I've appreciated the quick and personal turnaround of support queries."


MMcL of Caulfield North, Victoria, Australia:

"...Returns submitted with no issues, great piece of software and will use again next year if required."

AEL of Newport, Gwent:

"Very many thanks for this. Return all completed and submitted.
I'd just like to say that your Partnership software is very simple to use and the help screens superb. Your customer service is excellent."

CT of Ross On Wye, Herefordshire (sent 2 emails):

Amazing response time - used SAGE last yr which was a nightmare and v expensive - will recommend your product to anyone who asks! "
"Fab product!!!
Tax return all done and submitted with your easy!!!

HK of Solihull, West Midlands:

"The simplest bit of software I have ever used for tax - and cheapest! First time internet filing rather than paper partnership - took 1/2hr. Thanks"

DH of Braintree, Essex:

"Thanks to you all at Andica, yet again, for a great product at a good price, and excellent
service for the 4th year running.
Well done.Put your feet up now for a few days and a well earned rest!"

MW of Coventry:

"...I just wanted to add how pleased I am with your products (Trusts, partnership and
individual) and your service.
I am not very computer literate but found your software very friendly and the user guides explicit so thank you for helping me submit my last dozen or so returns."

JC of Stockton-On-Tees:

"Thank you, thankyou, thankyou, first time have ever submitted returns so easy to use and customer support amazing all over weekend. Will be using again and recommending
Once again thankyou"

JWD of Bolton, Lancashire:

"Thank you ever so much. ...I think the service you offer over the weekend is great. I never expected to hear anything until Monday, the last day for filing if I am to avoid the £100
Thanks once again. I shall certainly want to buy your software again. This is the second time
I have used it."

YLM of Harrow, Middlesex:

"Just a quick email to say thanks for your efficiency, even though its the weekend.
records submitted."

SH of Launceston, Cornwall:

"thank you, thank you so very much.
...what great guys you are working on a Sunday for all of us who leave it all to the last
minute. thank goodness for you."

ARO'H of Wantage, Oxfordshire:

"Thanks...job done. Many thanks for your support over this weekend...much appreciated.
Partnership return done and submitted successfully at first attempt."

FCDN of Gosport, Hampshire:

"For the fifth year in succession I have purchased your Partnership Self-Assessment Return software… I really must express my appreciation of the improvement in 2012. I sailed
through my first 2012 return without even having to consider calling you. It is such a vast
improvement for which you are to be congratulated. Well done !! I am sure you will
experience commercial success as a consequence."

CS of South Shields, Tyne And Wear:

"I write to thank you for the download of SA800 tax form software requested very much at the last minute and completed in somewhat of a panic. I had tried unsuccessfully with other companies demonstrations but thought your software download looked reasonably accessible and affordable even if my attempt was aborted. In the event it proved to be 'plain sailing' apart from a couple of points which were easily resolved by reference to your user guide (kept open in another window as I progressed through the form). This was my first download and purchase of software and I would be happy to recommend it to any other self-employed person with a small business."

KER of Andover, Hampshire:

"Thanks. ... Worked very well. Will recommend you to anybody should the occasion arise.
Thanks again."

GT of Bampton, Oxfordshire:

"Fantastic. Thankyou... This was my first SA800 tax return and i was able to complete it very quickly and easily thanks to your software"

PG of Ammanford, Dyfed:

"Many, many thanks! ... For such an inexpensive product the after-sales care is exceptional and outstanding and I wish we hadn't wasted money on Sage and will look to you in the future if we ever need another accounts program."

AT-C of Dorchester, Dorset:

...I wanted to write and acknowledge your efficient and patient help, a true business and gentleman- thank you! I am sure your business will continue to flourish :)"

JRM of Inverness:

"Many thanks for your technical support... Your support is - as always - excellent. I will recommend you to anyone."

DJT of Warwick:

"We have finally completed the tax return successfully thanks to your help. Thank you so much and if any one asks re tax queries will be recommending your company. Again thanks"

ECU of Comrie, Perthshire:

"Thankyou. It did the job!
And thanks for your excellent customer service."

RDW of Durham, County Durham:


PPD-E of Oxford

"...Great programmes, by the way, have recommended them to several friends, one of whom no longer uses an accountnat [sic] to do his returns, just your software."

SS of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire:

"I have just finished mine and my husband's SA100 forms (inc SA109's) and wanted to Thank You for making them so very user friendly… I have used Andica for the past 2 years (3 including this one) and the completion and submission is so much simpler…"

CEK of Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey:

"Just wanted to let you know that your software was great ... very user friendly. A good buy!"

LW of Omagh, County Tyrone:

"Good software. Thanks. I'll recommend it to others..."

JS of Dorking, Surrey:

"Thank you !
Partnership tax form submitted successfully. Easy to use software with a good telephone support - excellent, thanks!"

CG of Campbeltown, Argyll (another email):

"Thought I should just say what a BRILLIANT piece of software. Simple, clear, works first time every time.Worth every penny!"

CS of Maidenhead, Berkshire:

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the quick response and for the product, which has made filing my tax return so easy, after months of struggle getting to this point. I had been labouring with another tool, from another supplier on the HMRC list: if only I'd come to you guys first! It's such a weight off my mind to have it done and filed. Many thanks again"

CG of Campbeltown, Argyll

"WOW!! Brilliant Software! Easy, logical, worked first time – worth every penny. Thanks very much."

GB of London W14

"...The software worked well and was quite easy to use. I was able to submit all forms within hardly anytime..."

RY of Livingston, West Lothian:

"Thanks for the quick response; it is much appreciated. As usual Andica have had excellent response times and that combined with the ease of use of the product keeps me coming back.
Thank you and well done."

AJB of Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire:

"Thank you , thank you, thank you... You are true stars I truly cannot thank you enough..."

EMC of Swanley, Kent:

"… job done now, relief! I thought the user guide you provided was very clear and well-written."

MB of Witney, Oxfordshire:

"We have found your software so user friendly and simple that I wish we could switch to you
for all our needs which are:
Accounts production for companies (less than 5million turnover)
CT600 for companies

If we could have everything from you, we would be very happy."

KFB of Thatcham, Berkshire:

"Many thanks - really good product, easier to use than any I have used before. I may get the SA100 software…"

Dr JG of Camberley, Surrey:

"Thank you for the prompt response to my late-night email... I had not expected a response
to be sent so late at night, following my email sent at 22.40hrs. I have now used the software to submit a Trust Tax Return and could not have wished for a clearer or easier-to-use package – as a non-specialist in tax affairs, you have rescued me!
Thank you."

RS of London SW2

"...I have activated the software, run it and submitted the Trust tax return. It worked well and it is good that it emulates the paper version as I wanted to just repeat the paper return from previous years."

Rev GD of Loanhead, Midlothian:

"Superb - very impressed. First time I have used your software and found it very easy to use. Submission made within half an hour of starting. Not everyone's software delivers what it describes - yours does so just wanted to say "Thanks.""

LB-T of Plymouth, Devon:

"I am so pleased I bought both the SA1100[sic] and payroll software – they are a dream to use!"

FJQ of Cookstown, County Tyrone:

"...thank you for your prompt response yesterday... Considering it was a Sunday evening this was greatly appreciated and will save my clients a partnership penalty of £200 all for the cost of 23.21..."

(Revd) PC of Alresford, Hampshire:

"Can I just say a very big "thank you" for making this process so much easier and less-frightening. I have a "form phobia", but you helped to allay some of my qualms. An excellent piece of softaware. Many thanks"

MD of Preston, Lancashire:

Thank you for your assistance, your customer service is excellent and the out of hours service is way beyond my expectation. Return submitted online at 23:48, following your activation email @ 23:25! Fantastic.

SW of Connecticut, USA:

"I'm impressed. I forgot to prepare my UK taxes until January 31st, and then scrambled. Your software was a breeze to use, the way that you updated your website with the timing on activation codes was reassuring, and the actual filing was a piece of cake. So long as I need to file UK taxes, I'll keep buying your software. Many thanks"

CB of Wareham, Dorset:

"...We are really impressed with the Andica software - so easy once we knew what we were doing and your companies support has been excellent..."

RMcD of Andover, Hampshire:

"The product work really and my Partnership Tax return was filed with out any problems. Excellent Product and excellent service."

GNT of Alnwick, Northumberland:

I don't know much about Andica but as far as I'm concerned you are my new heros!! I know I left things too late and almost gave up on Friday night but your support has been excellent and I have today sent off my SA800. Thank you all

SJA of Carshalton, Surrey:

"I am pleased to say 'job done' - everything worked perfectly. Please accept my thanks for your help and prompt responses. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you and Andica. I appreciate your excellent customer service."

MJL of York, North Yorkshire:

"I just want to say how impressed I am with the on-line filing product I bought yesterday. I am frankly astonished that, within two hours of first calling you, I was able to download the software, activate it and actually file a client's tax return. I am not the world's greatest computer expert and, after years of finding software difficult to install and use, this is a good experience!"

DL of Leeds:

"Thank you very very very much. I am incredibly impressed with the promptness of your reply..."

JK of St Albans, Hertfordshire:

"Thankyou so much... Hope you have a great 2010 and I will defintely use your soft wear next time and tell everyone how helpful you have been."

DT of Perugia, Italy:

"Just a quick email to say that the SA100 software worked very well. The layout was very simple to follow and living in Italy I very much appreciated the fact that it contained the non residence pages that are not online at HMRC! Thanks again..."

MT of Cologno Monzese, Italy:

"congratulation for the software. Very intuitive and easy to use...."

RGT of Norwich Norfolk:

"Thank you for providing very efficient software for the submission of online Tax Returns..."

AL of Wolverhampton West Midlands:

"just a short note to let you know that we have sucesfully instaleed [sic] the program. The program is a greatt [sic] program that is so simple to use. Many Thanks"

MR of Alresford Hampshire:

"I have just bought the SA800 partnership return package and have been impressed with simplicity..."

NF of London SW12:

"I spoke to one of your colleagues yesterday about whether the SA100 software would allow on-line submission of 7 sa104f Partnership Pages on one sa100 Return (a function which HMRC online filing tool and NF's existing software supplier do not support). He was very helpful. I am pleased that I have purchased the software and can confirm the answer is YES (even running Windows on a Mac in emulation mode!)" (Click here for System Requirements)"

NJ of Bridgend:

"Subject: Thanks and testimonial

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to hopefully provide you with not only a big “Thank you” but something you can use as a testimonial if you wish to inform potential customers of your service. You were so helpful to me through my crisis with the computer failure, that I had to take the time to tell you what a difference you made with your professionalism.

I first used Andica last year, and finding it so wonderfully straightforward, bought the 2009 version professional) as soon as it came out.

I had sever computer problems last week, resulting in my hard drive being completely wiped, along with all my information about clients, records, tax returns etc.

I made contact with Andica, who, by return of email immediately gave me instructions and a download file to restore the Andica program on my computer. This took minutes, not hours or days.

Then, they emailed me with instructions on how to get my data I had lost back in the system as well.

Not being very computer literate (!)I called up and asked for help.

Not only did [staff name removed] offer to explain over the phone what to do, he connected remotely to my pc, and took charge completely, operating my mouse and screen for me, doing what needed to be done, all the while explaining to me how and what he was doing. He made sure that I 100% understood everything and nothing was too much trouble and he did not make me feel “Silly” for not knowing how to do something.

I have to say it was software support second to none, that I have never come across before from companies that sell software.

Andica, thank you. Your staff are fantastic, genuinely interested in helping your clients when they need it, not just being on the end of the phone to take sales like some software companies I can think of. You certainly seem to have got it right.

The Andica software is a joy to use, easy as anything, and I can 100% recommend it to any other professionals who file numerous tax returns for Clients. This system will save you hours of work. It has been worth every penny it cost, which, compared to all the other HMRC approved software, is even a fraction of the cost of the others. I will never change my tax software.


BMH of Putney, London:

"I think your software is pretty good, I have used it for several years, and expect to continue to do so..."

EG of Oldham, Lancashire:

"I bought the Self Assessment software from you in January. Its brilliant..."

DR of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire:

"Dear Sirs

Thank you!

I have just had to use your software to file my father’s partnership tax return and I would like to complement you on the simplicity of the process. From the receipt of the activation code through to filing the albeit simple return & receiving confirmation of receipt took less than 1 hour – my thanks again! "

LMS of Carnforth, Lancashire:

"Dear Sirs

Just to let you know my thoughts about your tax return software. Over the past couple of weeks I have purchased both the individual and partnership software and I found both so simple to use. It's taken alot of stress out of the job and I'll be using the software for all my clients next year.

Thanks so much"


HMP of Waterlooville:

"I would like to thank you for taking some of the stress out of filing the partnership returns for 2008.

As a small accountancy practice I was facing purchasing expensive software that may have required additional training expense, all of this cost for only a few client’s returns.

I was lucky to find your software on the HMRC website. Your software was by far the best option as I only purchased for the number of clients needing returns filed. Because the format followed the partnership returns themselves it was extremely easy to use.

Nice and logical, I will be purchasing again for 2009"

HMP of Waterlooville (Using Andica SA800):

"Thanks for this help - I really like this software now I've got the hang of it! I look forward to using the 2009 version but well before January 2010!"

EGJ of Colwyn Bay (Using Andica SA800):

after requesting activation late in the evening and emailing the key at 4:00 a.m. "Good Morning

Many thanks for your prompt response. Your product is brilliant and has enabled me to file my return with hours to spare!!

Have a good weekend.

CCS of Plymouth (Using Andica SA800):

"Many thanks for the activation key and at 4.47 in the morning!
The software was easy to use and I didn't need to refer to the manual - just how software should be..."

JJC of Rotherham (Using Andica SA800):

"i have been very satisfied with your companys help and support and easy to use software and i will be up grading in future tax years"

MJ (Using Andica SA800):

"Many thanks... Its done the job and I'm well pleased!"

RDW of Telford (Using Andica SA100):

"Just a quick email to say how easy to use the Andica software was. Money well spent!"

JP of Ilkley (Using Andica SA800):

"I would just like to thank you for your extra co-operation with regards to... your program was superb and I could file my tax immediately. Once again many thanks."

VRA of Glastonbury:

"Just to say thank you for your help with Partnership programme which has proved successful!"

MJH of Margate (Using Andica SA800):

"...I have pushed on with the form and it has, as you said, prepared the short form. The problem was that I just couldn't accept it was that easy!"

RGH of Kent (Using Andica SA100):

"...Many thanks for your much appreciated assistance."

DJB of Eastbourne (Using Andica SA800):

"Thank u 4 replying so promptly... Will recommend u in future. What sort of programmers have hmrc got. Merchant bankers probably. When I get time i will tell them what i think of them. Probably that is why the country is in such a mess. Thanks once again."

JE of North Shields (Using Andica SA800):

"I am just writing to say that we have been very impressed with the ease of completion and operation of the software.

We also were impressed with the ease of finding the correct information we required when we viewed your website when we first investigated commercial software stated on HMRC website."

BW of Halifax (Using Andica SA800):

"You will be relived to hear that I have (at last) successfully submitted a tax return online! There should be no stopping me now. May I take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support and for maintaining calm in the face of my mounting hysteria . Please, allow me to sweep your floor with my eyelashes. Yours very gratefully, BW

DM of Market Rasen (Using Andica SA800):

"Thank you I found your system very easy to use."

ML of Lampeter (Using Andica SA800):

"Thank you very much... worked like a dream."

MS of Treviso,Italy (Using Andica SA100):

"Excellent software by the way and very good value for money. Best"

BC of Cardiff (Using Andica SA800):

"Thanks for your reply this evening...

I am happy to re-iterate that your programme was easy to follow and thanks again for your prompt replies especially at the weekend when most people are not available."

TR of New York, USA (Using Andica SA100):

"Thank you SO much for your help. I have successfully submitted the return.

I would like to say how good the service you have provided has been - it really was excellent; you were responsive and extremely helpful.

Thank you again."

RAS of Cornwall:

"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your partnership tax return software.

I am over retirement age but still act as agent for a few clients. As the Revenue have now forced on-line submission on everyone I was dreading having to install operate and submit software I just found on the internet for my partnerships.

Yours has been so easy and linked into the Revenue site for submission with no problems.
Thank you again"

PS of Leeds (Using Andica SA800):

"Thank you for the prompt help. I was quite pleasantly suprised [sic] to receive replies so quickly and at such odd times ;) but it was much appreciated..." Customer email was received 19 Jan 2009 at 00:46 (past mid-night) and was replied 19 Jan 2009 01:06 a.m. (Click here for our normal working hours)

JES of Spalding:

"Brilliant service thank you for your invaluable help with doing SA 800 !"

TR of Wetherby:

"...I have now completed the very easy steps in the software and just need the new government Gateway password to arrive for my partnership..."

LD of Bristol:

"Thank you very much you are a star!!! You have saved the day!!"

HH of Northampton:

2nd email "...worked splendidly and the return has gone through smoothly to the HMRC. Job done for 07/08 - almost looking forward to 08/09! Shall contact you in the Spring for new Systems Disc. Again, thank you for your guidance and interest..."

HH of Northampton:

1st email "...your system for the tax year 07/08 does an excellent job. Very pleased..."

T R of Rye, East Sussex:

I appreciate the time and trouble you have taken today - excellent after-sales service!

S P D of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

..thanks for your courteous and very prompt reply... I think your product is excellent and unbelievable value for what it does. The service last year was also impeccable...

B S of Le Valdecie, France

Thanks. I found the software really great.

N A of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Just a quick note to say how easy your software was to use and how helpful you and your colleagues have been with my queries!

J E S of South Kensington, London

many thanks, worked a treat.

P K of Cranleigh, Surrey

Thanks excellent software.

A R B of Livingston, West Lothian

Cheers! Let me say a sincere thanks to you and your colleagues for your efforts and support. I am impressed with your customer service and wish many other companies were so diligent.

Note: I used your software last year and was very impressed and because of this I returned this year. I have nothing but praise for the product and I have no hesitation on recommending it to others.

M T of Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Having bought Andica...for a second year took no more than 30 minutes to complete and 'test file': It does what it says on the tin: Congratulations.

E B of Bedford

I have found your software generally very useful. The only thing missing is the ability to file SA800 forms & I was wondering if you intend to incorporate this for 2006/07.

A W G of London SW11

Nice product - thanks

A D B of Havant, Hampshire

I didn't have any problems using the software... apart from my failure... which you helped me with. I have previously used the Taxcalc software... I regularly had problems with bugs (which, after reading of problems with the new version, was the reason I decided to try something new).

I thought your support was very prompt, efficient and friendly. Indeed I was so surprised (and impressed) at your remarkably prompt response on a Saturday night that I have told several people. (I hope you pass on my comments to your superiors - if you have any.) ...I would buy software from your company again.

E D of Stanway, Colchester

A million thanks to you all...

J G of London N1

Your software worked a treat.

B G of St Neots, Cambridgeshire

...I'm happy with this... Put me down for next year's software please.

K C of London W3

Thanks very much... Great fast service!!

R K B of Bushey, Hertfordshire:

Sirs, I have just successfully used your software to file my 2004/05 Self Assessment tax return. The software appears very good - easy to use - and you should be congratulated upon it.

Once again thank you for your product which has made life considerably easier for me – now all I have to do is pay the tax owed!

H K of Beaconsfield:

A quick note to say thank-you. Tried three packages as I knew I was due a refund. Yours was by far the easiest - have just received £...

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