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Taxation Software from Andica

Andica have developed a range of UK taxation software including payroll software and self assessment tax returns for Individual tax payers SA100 and Partnership tax returns SA800. Andica taxation software comply with existing UK taxation legislations relevant to each software having gone through respective HMRC tests with in-built software features to file tax returns online.

Andica have plans to develop and release further set of taxation software over a period of time. Following is a brief description of the existing UK taxation software, further details for each solution is provided on the product specific pages:

Andica Payroll Software arrow

Andica Payroll Software is powerful and flexible payroll software handling UK payroll taxation - PAYE, National Insurance Contribution NIC and all other statutory payments and deductions required to calculate employees pay. Read More

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from £79+VAT

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Andica Self Assessment Software (SA100) arrow

Andica Self Assessment SA100 Individual tax returns software is a personal taxation solution that aims to simplifies the process of completion of the tax forms, calculation of taxes payable on personal income and secure online submission of personal tax return and supplementary forms to the HMRC. Read More

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from £14.95+VAT

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SA800 Partnership Tax Returns Software

Andica Self Assessment SA800 Partnership tax returns software is taxation software for preparation, completion and submission of SA800 and supplementary Partnership Business tax returns replicating HMRC tax return forms. Returns are securely submitted electronically to HMRC servers using the built-in File by Internet feature. Read More

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from £15.95+VAT

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SA900 Trust & Estate Software

Andica SA900 Trust and Estate tax returns software assists you with completion, calculation of trust and estate tax liabilities and online submission of the returns. Software can be used by personal representatives of a deceased person and their estate, trustees of a trust or tax advisors. Read More

Prices starts
from £21.75+VAT

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