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Frequently Asked Questions - Andica SA900 Trust & Estate Software

This FAQ section contains information specific to the product. For messages provided by Microsoft Installer during installation of Andica software and other technical messages that may appear while using the software refer to Technical Advice FAQs.

Question for Step 1 of the SA900 provides guidance to help you decide what supplementary forms and sections you need to complete. You do not have to use Step 1 and can go straight to Step 2.

Step 1 of the Trust and Estate Tax Return can be used to identify what supplementary forms, sections and questions you need to complete and whether you can ignore some of the Questions with the tax return depending on individual circumstances. In Step 1, when you tick an option that applies to you and click 'Next', subsequent Questions and supplementary forms that do not apply to your returns will be disabled or hidden.

There are some issues with the HMRC systems due to which Trust and Estate Tax return may need a workaround to file the returns online. We have handled most of these within the software. Read full article...

"If you are getting any problems while downloading the software, it is likely that your browser or computer firewall is blocking you from downloading. Read full article...